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The Boat – Minimal Long Exposure Photo Manipulation with Photoshop CC/CS6

Blend the boat with the Sky

We want the boat to blend in a little better with the water so we will add a slight color overlay on top of the boat, matching it’s color to the sky which will help convince the viewer of what they are seeing.

  1. With the Boat layer selected click on click on the Fx icon at the bottom of the layers panel and click on Color Overlay
  2. Change the Blend Mode of the overlay to Soft Light and set Opacity down to around 40%
  3. Click on the default color (probably red) to open the color selector
  4. Click on the sky in our image in a few locations to select a color that works well for the boat, probably one of the mid blues.
  5. Once you are happy with the effect you can adjust the opacity a little if needed and press OK

Creating some currents

Because the boat is in the water it will displace the water slightly and disrupt any currents that go past creating a slight disturbance in the water.

  1. Select Layer -> New Layer from the menu and enter the name Water Effect and press OK
  2. Click on and drag the new Water Effect later so that it is below the boat layer, this will ensure that the new layer will not appear on top of the boat.
  3. Select the Brush tool with a brush size of around 300px and a hardness of 0%
  4. Choose the White color form the color selector
  5. Select an opacity of 100%
  6. Start painting on the layer around the boat
  7. Once done we want to change the Blending mode of the Water Effect layer by double clicking on the layer and opening the Layer Style window
  8. From the Blend Mode drop down select Soft Light and press OK
  9. From the Filter menu choose Blur -> Gaussian Blur
  10. Enter a radius of around 25px and press OK
  11. Double click on the layer in the Layer Panel again to open the Layer Style window
  12. Change the Opacity to 80% to reduce the effect of the water displacement

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