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Create a Dark Photo Manipulation of a Young Witch in a Forest

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to create a dark forest scene featuring a young witch. You’ll learn how to combine different stocks together and blend them correctly using brush, adjustment layers and layer mask. You’ll also learn how to work with lighting, make sparks and more.

The Final Image

Required Resouces:

Step 1

Create a new document in Photoshop with the settings below:

Step 2

Open the forest stock photo. Use the Move Tool (V) to drag it into our white canvas, resize it down using the Cmd/Ctrl+T key:

Step 3

To turn the forest into a night scene I used an adjustment layer. Go to Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Gradient Map:

Step 4

To darken the forest more I used a Curves adjustment layer:

On this layer mask use a basic, soft brush with black color, the opacity about 30-40% to reduce the dark effect of the center. You can see how I did it on the layer mask and the result on the picture:

Step 5

In order to add more light to the forest, make a new layer (Cmd/Ctrl +Shift+N) and use a soft brush with the color #21bcbe to paint on the middle of the scene. Change the mode of this layer to Soft Light 100%:

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Jenny Le

Self-taught artist from Vietnam who loves drawing and doing photo manipulation. See more of my work at