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Create a Dark Photo Manipulation of a Young Witch in a Forest

Step 29

I used a Levels adjustment to increase the contrast of the picture:

On this layer mask use a soft black brush to reduce the contrast of the selected parts below:

Step 30

Make a Vibrance adjustment layer on the top:

Erase the upper part of the model with a soft black brush (on this layer mask):

Step 31

Create a new layer on the top of all layers. Change the brush color to #ffb595 and press F5 to change the settings for this brush:

Paint some sparks on the pot in the model hands:

I used a Vibrance adjustment layer with the Clipping Mask option for this layer:

Use a soft black brush to erase the sparks on the top to keep them bright:

Step 32

I used a Layer Style effect to add some glow to the sparks. Double click the spark layer, choose Blending Options:

Step 33

Make a new layer, use a soft brush with the same color to paint on the top of the pot to create a reflected light from the sparks on there. Alter this layer mode to Color 100%:

Step 34

Make a new layer on the top, use the same brush with the opacity and flow varied from 20 to 30% to create the light on the hands and arms:

Download the layered PSD file.

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Jenny Le

Self-taught artist from Vietnam who loves drawing and doing photo manipulation. See more of my work at