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Zoom In and Out with Adobe PageMaker

Try all of these options for viewing your document:

  • Choose the Zoom tool (magnifying glass in the Tools palette) then click on an area in the publication. It will zoom to the next larger view size (based on your current magnification). To zoom out, choose the zoom tool then hold down the Option (Mac) or Alt (Windows) key then click on the publication. When in zoom in mode, your mouse pointer becomes a magnifying glass with a plus sign. In zoom out mode, the magnifying glass has a minus sign.
  • Switch quickly to the Zoom tool by holding down Cmd+Spacebar (Mac) or Ctrl+Spacebar (Windows) to zoom in or the Cmd+Opt+Spacebar (Mac) or Ctrl+Alt+Spacebar (Windows) when using any other tool.
  • Switch to the Zoom tool (using the Cmd/Ctrl+Spacebar keystroke) then click and drag a rectangular selection box around the area you want to zoom in on and release the mouse button. PageMaker zooms in on that selection.
  • Use the View menu to Zoom In, Zoom Out, change the view to Actual Size, Fit In Window, or Entire Pasteboard. Each of these magnifications also have keyboard shortcuts as follows:

    Zoom Mac Windows
    Zoom In
    (zooms to the next higher preset magnification setting)
    Cmd++(plus) Ctrl++(plus)
    Zoom Out
    (zooms to the next smaller preset magnification setting)
    Cmd+-(minus) Ctrl+-(minus)
    Actual Size Cmd+1 Ctrl+1
    Fit in Window Cmd+0(zero) Ctrl+0(zero)
    Entire Pasteboard Shift+Cmd+0(zero) Shift+Ctrl+0(zero)
    Shift+Ctrl+W prior to version 6.5
    + means “and” that is, Ctrl+1 means hold down the Control and 1 keys simultaneously. When plus refers to the plus sign, (plus) appears in parentheses as in Cmd++(plus) means hold down the Command and Plus keys at the same time.
  • Choose Zoom To from the View menu to access the preset zoom or magnification options of 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%, 200%, and 400%. All but 25% have keyboard shortcuts as follows:

    Zoom Mac Windows
    50% Cmd+5 Ctrl+5
    75% Cmd+7 Ctrl+7
    100% Cmd+1 Ctrl+1
    200% Cmd+2 Ctrl+2
    400% Cmd+4 Ctrl+4
  • Mac: Toggle between Actual Size and 200% using Cmd+Opt+Shift then click on the page. Win: Toggle between Fit in Window and Actual Size by holding down Shift and pressing the right mouse button.
  • Windows Only: With the Zoom tool selected, right-click on an empty portion of the page to display the menu of preset page view options or to input your own magnification percentage (Other View).
  • Windows Only: With any tool other than the Zoom tool selected, right-click on an empty portion of the page to select Other View to input your own magnification percentage.
  • Set all pages in your active publication to the same view by pressing Option (Mac) or Alt (Windows) while choosing the desired view from the View menu.