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XyEnterprise Announces Support for Extensible Metadata Platform (XMP ) for XML Publishing Workflows

Standards Support in XyEnterprise Applications Promote Efficiencies in Enterprise Publishing Environments

XyEnterprise, the leading developer of XML content management and enterprise publishing software, announced today support for the Extensible Metadata Platform (XMP) in its Content@ content management and XML Professional Publisher (XPP) products. This support will promote more efficient data exchange among different groups in publishing workflows, and enhance customization and personalization of publications for specific audiences and markets. The XMP metadata in the XyEnterprise solution will expand the ability to effectively deliver business critical content through multiple delivery channels.

The support for XMP is consistent with XyEnterprise’s commitment to XML standards that enhance the value of the company’s content management and enterprise publishing solutions. In particular, a growing number of XyEnterprise customers are using the company’s XML solutions to share and publish data within multinational and multi-site environments, including partners and customers that are part of their global supply and distribution chain.

One customer, Tweddle Litho Company, adopted the use of XMP in their XyEnterprise solution to enhance the exchange of product documentation content between Tweddle and one of its customers, a major automotive manufacturer. Already an established user of XyEnterprise’s Content@ and XPP products, the addition of XMP support improved Tweddle’s ability to create, manage, and deliver XML content and final publications in 23 languages. In this expanded solution, the XMP metadata created and tracked in the XyEnterprise solution, will enable personalized delivery of PDF content through the automotive manufacturer’s customer portal.

Karen Dellinger, vice president of Programming, Tweddle Litho Company, stated, “XyEnterprise’s support of XMP allowed us to build on the solid foundation of Content@ and XPP to expand our solution to meet our customer’s needs. We are confident that our XyEnterprise solution has the flexibility to meet current and future requirements for our customers and markets.”

Richard Pasewark, vice president of Sales and Marketing, XyEnterprise, commented, “XMP is yet another way in which XyEnterprise leverages the value of XML to deliver proven business return to our customers. We have long supported the ability to use XML metadata to drive content assembly and publishing. This is especially important as our customers increasingly customize and personalize single-source content for multi-channel delivery.”

About XyEnterprise

Xyvision Enterprise Solutions, Inc. (XyEnterprise) is the leading provider of single source, multi-channel XML publishing solutions. Named one of the EContent 2003 “100 Digital Companies that Matter,” XyEnterprise’s XML content management software – Content@ – and its automated XML publishing engine – XPP – power sophisticated solutions for global leaders in the publishing, technical documentation, financial, government, aerospace and defense industries. Its customers include ASTM, Kohler, Underwriters Laboratories, Northrop Grumman, Lexis Nexis, Gulfstream, IBM, Sun Microsystems, and many others.

XyEnterprise Content@ Content Management and workflow application provides an optimized environment for XML content management, business process workflow, and “assemble and publish” capabilities for complex XML content creation and delivery environments.

XML Professional Publisher (XPP) is XyEnterprise’s standards-based composition, transformation and rendering software for automating complex publishing tasks. Leading corporations use XPP to transform XML and other structured content into high quality PDF and print output.

For more information, please contact XyEnterprise at 781-756-4400 or