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Xara Takes Xtreme Action

Xara Takes Xtreme Action

Adobe and Macromedia are soon to be merging. Microsoft is working to break Adobe’s dominance in the graphics industry. Xara is a small company with amazing software. What’s a little guy to do in a market crowded with giants? Well, Xara has a plan and it goes like this…

Step 1… A new product, Xara Xtreme – available now.
Step 2… Create Linux and Mac versions.
Step 3… Make the new software Open Source.

Folks, this is pretty exciting! Xara X¹ received 5 stars in my latest review, so I’m thrilled to see it being enhanced and reduced in price. (I’m also so happy that I no longer have to type that superscript 1 when referring to Xara software!) And turning it open source should only make it better.

“Open Source means the source code is made available so that anyone can use it, modify it, develop and extend it. But while the Open Source license allows users to do what they want by giving them complete freedom, it prevents commercial competitors taking advantage of the Xara technology.” (from a Xara press release)