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Working with Streaming Video

Working with Streaming Video

As you’ve seen in the previous sections of this article, the media components are the heart of the template and the controls for the display. They are capable of downloading FLV files using either progressive or streaming methods. Progressive video is available when using the Flash Player 8 and the FLV format. This is the standard option for downloading FLV files form a web server. Progressive video has many advantages over standard embedded video, such as improved performance.

Streaming video can be achieved by using Flash Media Server 2 in addition to your Flash content. Flash Media Server is built to stream content to Flash movies. Streaming FLV content includes all the improvements of progressive video with added features like bandwidth monitoring and control, more efficient use of network resources, and the ability to create large multiuser applications that you can update in real time.

If you have installed the trial version of Flash Media Server, or already have access to it, follow these steps to enable streaming video in your presentation file:

  1. Open your presentation FLA file in Flash 8.
  2. Select the controls screen in the Screen Outline pane and then select the FLVPlayback component in the center left of the screen.
  3. Enter an absolute URL to the FLV file on the server running Flash Media Server. Using an absolute URL wakes up the server when the video is requested.
  4. Set the isLive FLVPlayback parameter to True and enter a new bufferTime value to match your average audience’s target bandwidth.