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Working with Plug-Ins – Balancing Columns

Balancing Columns

Sometimes you want the columns on a page to be of equal size, so that their top and bottom edges align. If you have used text blocks to contain the text, PageMaker can automatically calculate the average length of selected columns and then resize them to that length.

  1. With the pointer tool, select two or more columns (i.e., text blocks) within the same story
    HINT: Hold down the [Shift] key to select multiple columns. You can select anywhere from 2 to 40 columns. 

  2. From the Utilities menu, select Plug-ins ยป Balance Columns…
    The Balance columns dialog box appears.
    Balance Columns dialog box

  3. Under the Alignment section, select an alignment option

  4. Under the Add leftover lines section, select where you want leftover lines added (left or right column) when text cannot be divided evenly among the selected columns
    NOTE: Leftover lines are the lines at the end of the story that do not fit into evenly balanced columns.

  5. Click OK