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Working with Plug-Ins – Additional Plug-Ins

Additional Plug-Ins

PageMaker has some other plug-ins. This document will give a short description of the plug-ins. For more information, see the help available in PageMaker.

return to topGlobal Link Options

The Global Link Options plug-in can change your link options for both text and graphics either on the current page or on all pages of your publication. You can choose to store the links in the publication, update the links automatically, and request an alert before updating. 

return to topPublication Converter

The Publication Converter plug-in can convert a PageMaker publication saved in 4.0-6.01 format to a 6.5 format. You can search a certain drive and convert many files at the same time. You may choose to leave the original file available as a backup, or simply overwrite the original file by replacing it. You can also change the publication extensions or process the converted publications with a PageMaker script.

return to topSave For Service Provider

The Save For Service Provider plug-in can copy your publication with all the components that are necessary to print it, such as linked images, files, and fonts. The Summary tab will have the general messages about whether the analysis was successful or if problems were found. By clicking on separate tabs, you can check the specific status of links, fonts, inks, and printer settings. The plug-in can help fix broken links by prompting you to relocate the files. The plug-in can also create a report of information your service provider (the printing company) needs to know about the publication.

return to topQuick Time Media

The Quick Time Media plug-in can only be used on a Quick Time movie frame that has been imported into the publication. A Quick Time movie frame can be imported as a linked TIFF image through the File menu and Place command, then play, rewind, or forward to find the desired frame.

return to topEPS Font Scanner

The EPS Font Scanner plug-in is a safeguard for you before printing. This plug-in is simple; it is either turned on or off. If it is on, when you begin to print, you will get a warning if the font you chose for your document is not installed on the computer. You can then choose not to print or to print anyway. If you choose not to print, you may install the font and then print. If you choose to print anyway and the outline font of the correct font is available on the computer, the correct font will print. If the outline font is not available, Courier will be substituted for the missing font.