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Working with Graphics in PageMaker – Working with Inline Graphics

Working with Inline Graphics

Graphics placed as inline graphics become part of the text block. As you edit the text, the graphic retains its same relative position to the text but it will change position on the page (or may actually change pages) as you edit the text. Inline graphics are appropriate for documentation and reports where the graphic must accompany specific text.

Graphics can be cropped, sized, and moved in PageMaker, but no changes can be made to the graphic itself; that must be done in a graphics program, such as Adobe Photoshop

return to topPlacing an Inline Graphic

How you place a graphic is initially determined by your choice of either the Pointer tool or the Text tool. Inline graphics are placed using the Text tool.

To place an Inline graphic

  1. From the Toolbox, select the Text tool  text tool

  2. Set the insertion point where you want the image to appear

  3. From the File menu, select Place…
    The Place dialog box appears.

  4. Select the image file you want to place

  5. In the Place section of the dialog box, verify that the graphic will be placed as an Inline graphic
    If that option is not selected, click CANCEL and begin with step 1 again.

  6. Click OK

return to topCutting and Pasting

To cut and paste or copy and paste a line, a graphic, or a block of text:

  1. From the Toolbox, select the Pointer tool  pointer tool

  2. Select the graphic elements that you want to Copy or Cut

  3. From the Edit menu, select Copy or Cut

  4. Select the Text tool

  5. Place the cursor in the line of text you want the image inserted

  6. To paste the image, from the Edit menu, select Paste
    WARNING: The computer will retain only one cut or copy at a time. If you select Cut and then highlight another item or items and select Cut or Copy, the first item or group of items will be replaced in memory by the second group and can no longer be pasted.

return to topMoving an Inline Graphic

You have very little room in which to adjust an Inline graphic, but you can make some minor changes. An Inline graphic is confined to the boundary or baseline of the line of text it sits on.

To adjust the placement of an Inline image:

  1. Click on the graphic and hold the mouse button down

  2. The cursor turns into a two-sided arrow two-sided arrow Inline graphic cursor
    NOTE: The image sits above the baseline of the text.

  3. While still holding the mouse button, drag the image down until it sits on the baseline

  4. When you have it placed properly, release the mouse button