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What does the Doppler Shifter effect do?

You’ve discovered a really fun effect in AdobeĀ® AuditionĀ® 1.5! The Doppler Shifter effect creates the increase and decrease in pitch we notice when an object approaches and then passes us, such as when a police car passes with its siren on. The frequency of the noise from the siren starts out at a high pitch and tempo, and it lowers as the car passes you. When the car comes toward you, the sound it makes reaches your ears as a higher frequency because each wave crest is actually compressed by the car moving forward. The first crest leaves the car, and by the time the next one leaves, the car has moved forward, reducing the wavelength of the sound and raising its frequency. The opposite happens as the car passes by: The waves are stretched out, resulting in a lower-pitched sound. 

To use the Doppler Shifter effect:

  1. In Edit View, select an audio range.
  2. In the Effects tab of the Organizer window, expand Time/Pitch, and double-click Doppler Shifter.
  3. Set the desired options.