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Warped Effect for Proffesional Background

1. Start a new document with 60×10 and select Transparent

Create New Document

2. Use the rectangular marquee tool and draw a 30px by 10px selection on your canvas. Then fill it with black.  Now, go to Edit->Define Pattern.

Fill The Selection

3. Create a new document 800×600 with white content

Create New Document

and create a new layer, then go to Edit->Fill and use Select Pattern, and in the Custom Pattern options, select the pattern you just created in the previous step.

Fill with Custom Pattern

4. Apply the polar coordinate filter. Filter->Distort->Polar Coordinates

Apply Polar Coordinate Filter

5. Now apply this gradient overlay layer style to the layer.

Gradient Overlay Layer

6. Create a New Layer, link the new layer and this layer together, then go to Layer->Merge linked

Merge Linked

7. Duplicate this layer. Change the Blending Mode to “Multiply” and go to Edit->Transform->Rotate Then just rotate this layer by just a few degrees to offset it from the original. Repeat the above 2 steps, several times but change the Blending mode to “Overlay” and “Screen” and “Normal”. 8. Now link all the layers together (except the background) and go to Layer->Merge Linked. Applied Filter->Blur->Radial Blur

Apply Radial Blur

My Results:

Final Background