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VizUp Reducer 2.2.8

VizUp Reducer is a software tool for reducing and optimizing 3D models. You can reach the optimal balance between the necessary details level and the size of 3D models. You also can use this software to reduce the number of polygons for your 3D models used in virtual reality and real-time visualization systems. This product also can be effectively used for Level of Details (LOD) generation. Version 2.2.8 adds improved support of Wavefront .OBJ format import/export.


VizUp Technology is a developer and publisher of 3D and CAD/CAE polygon reduction and visualization software. The company is currently storming the market with its VizUp product line, which represents a breakthrough in polygon reduction technologies. As one of its strategic goals, the creative team sees a further improvement of this technology to make the quality level of polygon reduction equal to that of a human designer.

In the nearest future VizUp Technology plans to release new versions of their software for designers working in the entertainment industry, computer, and video game development. The company was founded in 2002 and based in Vancouver, Canada.