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Using Flash: Test Your Progress

Macromedia Flash – Test Your Progress

Now you have a Flash banner with graphics and animation, which reacts to button clicks. You have completed your first interactive and animated Flash document!

Let’s take a look at it in action, within a browser window:

  1. Return to your banner2 document and then select File > Publish Settings.
  2. Select the Flash tab in the Publish Settings dialog box.
  3. Select Access Network Only from the Local Playback Security pop-up menu. Now you can click the banner to open a web page without encountering a security warning. For more information about local playback security options, search “Local file security” (with quotes) in the Flash Help panel (F1).
  4. Select File > Publish Preview (HTML).

    The default browser on your computer opens and displays the banner. By default, the banner appears at the upper left corner of the HTML document.

  5. Click the banner to open the web page. A new browser window should open and display the gnome website.
  6. Close both browser windows and return to the Flash authoring environment.

If you are happy with your document, save your changes and proceed to Part 3 of this tutorial. You might want to change the animation or text, or modify the code as necessary.

Where to Go from Here

You now have a banner that you can export and add to a web page. In Part 3 of this tutorial, you will publish your work and take the file and add it to a Dreamweaver website.

To continue to the final part of this tutorial, see Publishing and Adding a Flash File to a Web Page.