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Update the video card driver.

Update the video card driver.

Many video card manufacturers frequently update their software drivers. If you haven’t recently updated the video card driver, contact the video card manufacturer for an updated driver, or download one from the manufacturer’s website. (To determine the manufacturer of a video card, view the card’s properties in Device Manager.) You can often determine if the video driver is outdated by changing the color depth and resolution of the video card or by disabling graphics hardware acceleration.

To change the color depth and resolution used for FrameMaker:

1. Choose Start > All Programs, right-click Adobe FrameMaker 6.x or FrameMaker 7.x, and choose Properties from the menu.

2. Click the Compatibility tab.

3. Select Run In 256 Colors.

4. Select Run in 640×480 Screen Resolution.

5. Click OK, and then restart FrameMaker.

Note: This change affects other applications that run at the same time as FrameMaker. When you close FrameMaker, video settings return to the defaults in other applications.

To disable graphics hardware acceleration:

1. Choose Start > Control Panel > Display.

2. Click the Settings tab.

3. Click Advanced.

4. Click the Troubleshoot tab.

5. Move the Hardware Acceleration slider to None.

6. Click Apply and then click OK to accept the new setting and close the dialog box.

7. Click OK to close the Display Properties dialog box.

8. Restart Windows and FrameMaker. If the problem no longer occurs, contact the video card manufacturer for an updated driver.