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Underwater Dance Effects

In this tutorial we’ll learn
to combine different photos, correct the colors, create drifting
distorts, move off the unnecessary objects of the pictures, change the
coiffure of the model, represent the hand out of the bubbles, use
different textures, create the effect of a motioning object and smooth
out little the picture.

Underwater Dance
For the beginning we have to open in a
new window the picture representing the sand on it: File – Open
(ctrl+o), I like this one:

Underwater Dance

Now we should copy this layer to make possible working with it
(move it on the icon new Layer on the Layers
window). The previous layer must be deleted (by moving it on the icon Delete
on the Layers window also). Now we
should mark out a part of the picture, representing the stone and the
sky (Rectangular Marquee Tool) and erase it. We should
enlarge a little the picture in its highness, selecting the Crop

Underwater Dance

Open in a new window the picture of the sky, which will be
inserted later in our picture (ctrl+o). Mark it out and make a copy of
it: Edit – Copy (ctrl+c). Get back to the previous
window and insert it on a new layer: Edit – Paste
(ctrl+v). Represent its reflection now horizontally: Edit –
Transform – Flip Horizontal
and then make the necessary
corrections on its size, using the next command: Edit – Free

Underwater Dance

Create now a mask out of this layer (sky’s layer): Layer
– Add Layer Mask – Reveal All
. Then select the Gradient
of black color and hide the sharp line between the sky
and the land.

Underwater Dance 

Make use of the next command Layer
– Remove Layer Mask – Apply
and then decolorize the sky: Image
– Adjustments – Desaturate
(shift+ctrl+u). Open in a new
window the picture of a ballet-dancer (ctrl+o).

Underwater Dance

Mark out her contours, using the instrument from here: Polygonal
Lasso Tool

Underwater Dance

Make a copy of the picture (ctrl+c) and insert it on a new
layer, above the sky’s layer (ctrl+v). Make the necessary corrections on
the picture’s size if that is necessary (ctrl+t).

Underwater Dance

Now we should copy the layer containing the ballet-dancer
(ctrl+j) and blur it out on its radial direction, selecting Filter
– Blur – Radial Blur
, setting the center approximately on the
place the girl is situated on.

Underwater Dance

Create a mask out of the layer: Layer – Add Layer Mask –
Hide All
and make visible the layer only along the girl’s
dress’s edges, using the Brush Tool with smooth edges
of white color.

Underwater Dance 

Combine this layer with that one the girl
is situated on: Layer – Merge Down (ctrl+e). It’s
necessary to move off the crown of her head. For the beginning we should
move off a part of the crown, situated on her hair, marking it
preliminary with Polygonal Lasso Tool. After that we
should select the Clone Stamp Tool to paint very
accurately the rest of the crown by copying the hair near the processing

Underwater Dance

Move off the same way the band from the girl’s hand.

Underwater Dance

Because we have several visible patches on the picture and the
photo is of bad quality, we must use very accurately the Smudge
and smooth out the dancer’s skin. The size of the
instrument may be changed, depending on the processed zone.

Underwater Dance

Copy now the most neutral hair’s nuance with the Eyedropper
and start using the set of prepared brushes that may be
downloaded here:
Use them on a new layer to add a hair tail (insert it on the layer
situated under the girl’s layer and then use Free Transform option to
turn it around and merge down the layers).

Underwater<br />

Select after that the Brush Tool of 1
and make use of several colors (the light one, the
neutral and the dark one) to make the girl’s hair livelier.

Underwater Dance 

Merge down the girl’s layer and the
tail’s layer: Layer – Merge Down (ctrl+e). Make a copy
of this layer (ctrl+j) and blur out the copy, using the Filter –
Blur – Gaussian Blur

Underwater Dance

Change the layer’s type on Overlay and combine
after that the layers.

Underwater Dance

Make the corrections on this layer’s colors: Image –
Adjustments – Selective Color

Underwater<br />

Copy this layer and situate the copy lower than the main girl’s
layer and blur it out on its vertical direction, applying the filter
shown here: Filter – Blur – Motion Blur.

Underwater Dance

Then mark out and delete that part of the layer that gets
outside the lowest girl’s contour.

Underwater Dance

Minimize the layer’s Opacity till 60%.

Underwater Dance 

Adding the girl’s shadow means in this
case copying the girl’s layer and show it vertically: Edit –
Transform – Flip Vertical
. Then distort it a little, applying
next option: Edit – Transform – Distort.

Underwater Dance

Make this picture totally black by using the next selection: Image
– Adjustments – Channel Mixer

Underwater<br />

Then blur it out (Gaussian Blur).

Underwater Dance

And minimize the layer’s Opacity till 15%.

Underwater Dance 

Start using the Clone Stamp Tool
with smooth edges on a new layer, above the girl’s layer, to make the
skirt’s edges more blurred, by copying turn by turn the skirt’s part and
the sky’s ones.

Underwater Dance

out the layer (Gaussian Blur).

Underwater Dance src="/content_images/eyeson_images/PhotoEffects/Sigma/tut65_UnderwaterDance/26.jpg"/>

now a textile’s texture, above the background’s layer.

Underwater Dance src="/content_images/eyeson_images/PhotoEffects/Sigma/tut65_UnderwaterDance/27.jpg"/>

the necessary corrections on the brightness and the
applying Image – Adjustments –

Underwater Dance src="/content_images/eyeson_images/PhotoEffects/Sigma/tut65_UnderwaterDance/28.jpg"/>

the layer’s type on Overlay and
minimize the Opacity
of the layer till 50%.

Underwater Dance src="/content_images/eyeson_images/PhotoEffects/Sigma/tut65_UnderwaterDance/29.jpg"/> 

out several gold fishes from a
certain picture and insert each of
them on a new layer:

Underwater Dance src="/content_images/eyeson_images/PhotoEffects/Sigma/tut65_UnderwaterDance/30.jpg"/>

out the edges of the fishes’ fins and the tails, using the
Smudge Tool.

Underwater Dance src="/content_images/eyeson_images/PhotoEffects/Sigma/tut65_UnderwaterDance/31.jpg"/>

make many copies of the fishes’ layer. Correct their sizes
placement, selecting the Free
option and
Flip Horizontal selection. Then we should also
the distort level of several fishes, using the Distort

Underwater Dance src="/content_images/eyeson_images/PhotoEffects/Sigma/tut65_UnderwaterDance/32.jpg"/>

down the layers with the fishes and correct the layer’s
making use of the next selection: Image

Adjustments – Curves


Underwater<br />
Dance src="/content_images/eyeson_images/PhotoEffects/Sigma/tut65_UnderwaterDance/33.jpg"/>

a kind of marking on a new layer, having the circle’s
shapes, using
the Elliptical Marquee Tool and clicking
on the shift
button. Paint it in black, using the Paint

Underwater Dance src="/content_images/eyeson_images/PhotoEffects/Sigma/tut65_UnderwaterDance/34.jpg"/>

the next filter: Filter –
Render – Lens Flare

Underwater Dance src="/content_images/eyeson_images/PhotoEffects/Sigma/tut65_UnderwaterDance/35.jpg"/>

the Gradient Tool, it’s possible to add
light on it:

Underwater Dance src="/content_images/eyeson_images/PhotoEffects/Sigma/tut65_UnderwaterDance/36.jpg"/> 

that we should cut out the sphere
and insert it on a new layer: File – New
Decolorize it (shift+ctrl+u) and invert the colors
(because the brush’s
preset recognizes only the black color). Apply
also the next command: Edit

Define Brush Preset

Underwater Dance src="/content_images/eyeson_images/PhotoEffects/Sigma/tut65_UnderwaterDance/37.jpg"/>

back to the window with the processed picture and choose
from the
brush’s list our new created brush, select the white color and
the brush’s adjustments on the Brushes’ window,
like you may see in
the tables below:

Underwater<br />
Dance src="/content_images/eyeson_images/PhotoEffects/Sigma/tut65_UnderwaterDance/38.jpg"/>

change the brush’s size and insert on a new layer several
above the fishes and above the girl.

Underwater Dance src="/content_images/eyeson_images/PhotoEffects/Sigma/tut65_UnderwaterDance/39.jpg"/>

in several new windows the images with not blossom out

Underwater Dance src="/content_images/eyeson_images/PhotoEffects/Sigma/tut65_UnderwaterDance/40.jpg"/>

them out, copy them and insert each of them on a new
layer, above
all the layers:

Underwater Dance src="/content_images/eyeson_images/PhotoEffects/Sigma/tut65_UnderwaterDance/41.jpg"/>

out the stems of all the flowers and extend them,
selecting the Free Transform option.

Underwater Dance src="/content_images/eyeson_images/PhotoEffects/Sigma/tut65_UnderwaterDance/42.jpg"/>

several times the layers containing the lilies and combine
them the
way we want to.

Underwater Dance src="/content_images/eyeson_images/PhotoEffects/Sigma/tut65_UnderwaterDance/43.jpg"/> 

should blur out the stem of each of
the flowers, selecting the Turbulence Tool in the Liquefy
window (the blurring can be
done, using a big size brush. After that we
may select a brush of
small size to correct the thickness of the

Underwater Dance src="/content_images/eyeson_images/PhotoEffects/Sigma/tut65_UnderwaterDance/44.jpg"/>

down the layer containing the flowers, decolorize them
and move off
the black color out of the picture, applying Image

Adjustments – Selective Color

Underwater<br />
Dance src="/content_images/eyeson_images/PhotoEffects/Sigma/tut65_UnderwaterDance/45.jpg"/>

on a new layer, above all the layers, the texture of the

Underwater Dance src="/content_images/eyeson_images/PhotoEffects/Sigma/tut65_UnderwaterDance/46.jpg"/>

its reflections horizontally and vertically and minimize
the color’s
intensity, applying the next command: Image

Adjustments – Hue/Saturation


Underwater Dance src="/content_images/eyeson_images/PhotoEffects/Sigma/tut65_UnderwaterDance/47.jpg"/>

the layer’s type on Overlay.

Underwater Dance src="/content_images/eyeson_images/PhotoEffects/Sigma/tut65_UnderwaterDance/48.jpg"/> 

want the lines and the colors look
smoother (characteristic for an
underwater atmosphere) that is why we
should merge down all the
layers: Layer – Merge Visible
(shift+ctrl+e), copy the new
layer and blur it out a little, selecting
the Gaussian

Underwater Dance src="/content_images/eyeson_images/PhotoEffects/Sigma/tut65_UnderwaterDance/49.jpg"/>

the layer’s type on Darken. The Crop
and Rectangular
may be useful in
the picture’s frame.

Underwater Dance src="/content_images/eyeson_images/PhotoEffects/Sigma/tut65_UnderwaterDance/50.jpg"/>

illustration is finished!

View full size image

by Sigma