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Troubleshoot the FrameMaker document

Troubleshoot the FrameMaker document

Perform the tasks in this section to determine if the problem is specific to the FrameMaker document.

1. Open all documents in a book before you create a PDF file.

If you want to create a PDF file from a FrameMaker book file, you must open all the documents in the book:

1. In FrameMaker, open the book file.

2. Hold down the Shift key and choose File > Open All Files In Book.

2. Save the file in MIF format before you create a PDF file.

Because FrameMaker rewrites documents that are converted to MIF format, you may eliminate problem elements in your file by saving it as an MIF file. You can resave the MIF file as a FrameMaker file, if needed.

1. Open the file in FrameMaker and choose File > Save As.

2. Choose MIF (*.mif) from the Save As Type menu, and then click Save.

3. Create a PDF file.

3. Determine if the document contains conflicting formats or page elements.

Place elements from the FrameMaker document into a new document to determine if a format or page in the original document causes the problem.

To troubleshoot formats:

1. In FrameMaker, create a new document.

2. Import all of the formats from the original FrameMaker document and then type a single line of text on the page using any font or formatting.

3. Save or print the file to PDF:

— If the problem recurs, a conflicting element exists in an imported format. To isolate a conflicting format, repeat steps 1-3, importing one format at time.

— If the problem doesn’t recur, a conflicting element may exist in a page of your original FrameMaker document. To isolate a conflicting page, troubleshoot the pages.

To troubleshoot pages:

1. Make a copy of the FrameMaker document.

2. In the copy, delete half of the body pages by choosing Special > Delete Pages.

3. Specify the start and end pages and click Delete.

4. Save or print the file to PDF:

— If the problem recurs, a conflicting element exists in one or more remaining pages of the document. Copy half of these pages into a second, new FrameMaker document and create a PDF file until you isolate the conflicting page. When you find the conflicting page, re-create that page in the original document.

— If the problem doesn’t recur, repeat steps 1-3 to delete half the pages in the other half of the document. If both halves of the document convert to PDF independently of each other, then the file as a whole is corrupt and should be re-created.