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Troubleshoot the data fields

Troubleshoot the data fields.
If only the first field name appears in the Data Merge palette, your data source file might not be in a comma-delimited file format. Use the data source program to save or export the file as a comma-delimited text file.
If any data fields are missing from the Data Merge palette, use the program that created the data source to check for blank, missing, or duplicate field names. Also, make sure you select any export options the program may use to export field names.
Sometimes the first record’s values may appear in the Data Merge palette instead of field names. This can happen when the field names are not included in the comma-delimited text file. Use the data source program to save or export the file again, and make sure you select any options needed to include the field names in the exported file. If you’re using FileMaker Pro, you need to make the first record’s values the same as the field names.