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Troubleshoot errors or freezes during installation (FrameMaker 7.2 on Windows)

Troubleshoot errors or freezes during installation (FrameMaker 7.2 on Windows)

What’s covered

Beginning troubleshooting

Intermediate troubleshooting

Advanced troubleshooting

This document can help you resolve problems that interrupt the installer for Adobe FrameMaker. These problems can manifest themselves in many different ways including (but not limited to) a frozen cursor or screen, or an error.

Please note that this document doesn’t address problems related to serial numbers. For these problems, contact Adobe Customer Services at 800-272-3623.

Different factors can interrupt the installer of an application, including the Autoplay feature of Windows or an application, incorrect data in the Windows registry, and hardware problems. To get the most from this document, perform the tasks in order. Keep a log of the tasks you perform and the results of each, including errors or problematic behavior. (You can download a log from , or you can create your own.) Adobe Technical Support can use this information to better assist you, should you need to call.