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Tracking Process

Tracking Process

There is a basic process for generating and integrating tracking from Captivate-based files, regardless of the output option. This section covers the process that you use to add interactivity to your Captivate files. Though I focus on the general process, the walkthrough in this section explicitly outputs to e-mail, since it’s easy to generate and see the tracking output.

The basic process for building and integrating tracked content in Captivate is:

Based on Output Option selected in Quiz Manager, you can:

  1. Test and distribute published files


  2. Integrate published files with selected tracking mechanisms

It is a simple process. Captivate is a great tool for generating standards-compliant content (AICC and SCORM) or content that is used to communicate to other tools such as Flash, Authorware, Questionmark Designer, and e-mail, because it makes the process simple for you while performing a lot of complicated work.

The following walkthrough explains the process for creating an interactive Captivate file that tracks to e-mail.