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The Pop Art Comic Effect

1. Open your images:

The Pop Art Comic Effect

2. Go to Images>Adjustments>Level and adjust it in a way that it loks inked

Add Levels

3. Now use the Cutout Filter, Filter>Artistic>Cutout:

Cutout Filter

4. Create a new layer and Edit>Fill with 50% grey.

5. Now go to Filter>Noise>Add Noise:

Add Noise

6. Filter>Blur>Motion Blur:

Motion Blur


Motion Blur

7. Edit>Transform>Skew:

Transform with Skew

and set the Blending Mode to Linear Light with Opacity 20%

Linear Light

8. Repeat the step 4-7 with another layer but transform skew a little less.

9. Create a new layer and Fill with the background in Black, set the Layer Mask and use the Gradient to show the rain in the image

The Pop Art Comic Effect

10. In the final add the dialog to your personage from comics:

The Pop Art Comic Effect