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The Photos Of Depositphotos

If you run a publication of some kind, whether it’s a magazine, a newspaper, or a website, you will be in need of quality images. Blogging authorities say that it’s a big error to publish a post without a decent image and I think the same is true for other kinds of publications.

Now there are two options by which you can get photographs. One is to go for a photo shoot via a photographer and the other is to try a stock photo agency.
Photo shoot has some serious drawbacks. In many cases a photo shoot takes weeks or even months to get completed. And, of course, if you want absolutely original photographs of hills and mountains then the photographer won’t only charge you the money for taking snaps but also for travelling, staying and the rest of it. On the other hand if you choose a stock photo agency then you get access to thousands of images which are just a click away to be downloaded on your computer.

But even if you choose stock photography, you are faced with the question that which agency to choose as there are hundreds of them out there.

Our recommendation is that you go for Depositphotos.

Depositphotos owns more than five million royalty-free stock files so that you will never run out of what you want. A common objection to the use of stock photo agencies is that the same file can be used over and over again by any number of people and hence you will lose the uniqueness, the “stand out of crowd” feature, if you will use that image. But you see Depositphotos possesses five million images! Even if there is any repetition it will hardly go noticed.
If you are wondering how will you find what you need in the sea of photos then don’t worry as they have you covered.

Depositphotos have compartmentalized their images under more than three dozen categories. Whenever a new image is accepted to be used on the website, they automatically assign it to the appropriate category so that you find what you need with just a few clicks.

The categories range from Animals to Art Objects, from Cities to Education, from Illustrations to Interiors, etc. See the screenshot below for a comprehensive list of categories.

Another striking feature of Depositphotos is the many different options they provide to buy from them i.e. their plans and prices. You can buy a subscription, in which you can download only a certain number of images per day for a certain period of time or use the pay-as-you-go feature in which you can download any number of images, any time for a period of one year. See the image below for details.

The website is available in about a dozen different languages so if you have a friend who only knows French you can still refer him to Depositphotos.
They offer a free sign up so go and check the site out and punch in a comment below letting me know what you think of it.