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Text Tool in After Effects 6.0 – Page 6

This is all well and good, but we can still see the giant letters at the beginning of our animation and it doesn’t look very good. It would be better if each letter could fade on as it shrinks.

For beginners, your first thought might be to create a new Animator, set a new selection range, and then animate the Opacity value. While you would be right, there is an easier way. (There always seems to be an easier way with AE6.0). In the Timeline, across from the Scale Opacity Animator, you will notice an Add element in the Switches/Modes column. Click on this arrow and select Property>Opacity. You are adding an Opacity Animator Property to the Text Animator.

The Opacity Animator Property defaults to 100%, meaning we can see everything. Based on the information you have just learned – the Range Selector sets the characters to the value of the Animator Property, and as the text/characters move outside the influence of the Range Selector, they (the characters) revert to the normal state – you can change the value of the Opacity Property to get the characters to fade in.

Set the Opacity Animator Property to 0% and make a RAM preview. The letters now fade in and shrink to the appropriate size over the time. All of this with only two keyframes! Amazing!