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Text Tool in After Effects 6.0 (for MAC) – Page 1

Text Tool in After Effects 6.0
by Stephen Schleicher

A lot of people stopped to check out the After Effects 6.0 review I wrote the other day‚Ķ A LOT OF PEOPLE! Most have been blown away with the Text Tool and some of the amazing things you can do with it. To whet your appetite, here is a quick tutorial to show you how to create your own DMN logo in After Effects 6.0. You’ll want to bookmark this tutorial, because on delivery day, you’ll want to rip right into using the new Text Tool.

If you missed the animation in the review, here it is again.

Looks hard doesn’t it? Actually, you won’t believe how easy it is to create.

Begin by creating a new composition by pressing Command+N on the Mac or Control+N on the PC. For the heck of it, let’s use the DV NTSC Preset. Set the Duration to 4:00 and click OK.

Press Command+Shift+B on the Mac or Control+Shift+B on the PC to bring up the Composition Background Color. Make it White, and click OK.