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Create Anime Tentacles

Author Name: TDW

1. Make a new document, anysize doesn’t matter. Press CTRL+D to reset your pallete colors. Start off with any color of background, I used white.

2. Starting with the Polygonal Lasso Tool we want to make a triangle selection like below:

Now move along by making a New Layer. Fill the selection in with BLACK.

3. Now go to Filter>Distort>Shear and use these settings:

4. We got the tentacle shape now, right click the tentacle layer and go to Blending Options and add all these settings:

Making the pattern

Create a new image 4×4 pixels and using the pencil tool, draw something like below

5. Fool around by making new triangle shapes and copying the layer style over to get a mass of tentacles like below I also did a few touch ups on the gloss: