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SWiSHmax 1

SWiSHmax has everything you need to create stunning fully interactive Flash animations. You can create shapes, text, buttons, sprites, and motion paths. You can also include more than 230 ready-to-use animated effects including explode, vortex, 3D spin, and wave. You can create your own effects or make an interactive movie by adding actions to objects. A scripting language allows you to program sophisticated operations into your animations. You can preview your animation inside SWiSHmax without launching a browser or external player, and live editing lets you make changes while the animation is playing. SWiSHmax creates all the files you need to upload to your Web server, or you can generate the HTML code to paste into an existing Web page.

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  • SwiSHzone specializes in alternative Flash animation tools. Company‚Äôs philosophy is to make Flash authoring accessible to everyone, with software that is both easy to use and affordable. Flagship product of SwiSHzone–SWiSH Max–is a professional Flash authoring tool with enough power and flexibility for the most demanding of users.