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Stylish Rectangles

This tutorial is a simple Photoshop tutorial for adding stylish rectangles in a sig or other artwork
to give a touch up to it.
it’s very simple and in my opinion it has a great effect sometimes!
you should try it, I show you how! Good luck!

Well … We start with a background that you’re going to use for you sig or other piece.
I started a new file (350*100) a great sig resolution in my opinion.
Start making your background, with brushes, filters or whatever.
I came up with this:

Now we want to add our stylish rectangles
to give it a techy, stylish look. Now take you rectangular marquee tool.

Now make a small rectangle with it in a new layer. Make sure the feather is 0px!
you can check the feather above. So make a rectangle like this:

Now take the gradient tool.

And make sure your settings are like this:

Now draw your gradient in the selection like this:

Now don’t remove the selection and do this: edit – stroke – (1px – center – white ).
You can remove the selection now (ctr-d). Without the stroke it sometimes looks even better!!!
You should have something like this now:

Now it’s almost finished. We only have to add some blending options.
Set the blend mode to Linear dodge, I have opacity:100% – Fill:20%.
Like this:

Now just play around with the fill and opacity and duplicate the layer a coupl eof times
and place them in front of eachother, just don’t be scared to mess around. Like this:

Here’s an example where I used that effect.But I did it without the stroke!