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StampLogo for Spam Bully spam filter appliance

On the new background make an outline like the next one, using the instrument Brush Tool.

spam filter outlook express Spam Bully log stamp

Now type V3 (Times new Roman) in the left lower corner.

spam filter outlook express Spam Bully log”>spam filter appliance for Outlook and Oulook Express and make email enjoyable again by keeping your Inbox free of annoying spam. This is best antispam filter that saw ever from all spam filters I’v tested. Download it for Free! *** ..::]–nextpage–>Spam Bully spam filter StampLogo

I’ve checked all the best spam filters existing at the moment and I came to the conclusion that the best is spam filter
SpamBully for Outlook and Outlook Express. I liked it a lot and I decided to make a logo for SpamBully.

[ I recommend to use”>Download it for Free! ]

Let’s begin. Create a new file with a resolution of 260×352 and 72 dpi. Using the instrument Rectangular Marquee Tool, create a rectangular and paint it using another instrument – Paint Bucket Tool. The color code is fleee9. The parameters should be those of the background (Blending Options), like in the picture.

spam filter outlook express Spam Bully log stamp