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Specifying initial settings for FlashPaper 2.0 documents

You can modify a few initial settings for Flash documents without using ActionScript; instead, you override some settings in the URL of your SWF file, as follows:


In this example, the document is created with an initial zoom of 35%, and with the Open In New Browser buttonhidden.

The currently defined settings are as follows:

INITIAL_VIEW Initial zoom level (numeric percentage, “width”, or “page”).

INITIAL_PAGE Initial page to display (numeric value).

INITIAL_BOOKMARK Name of outline entry to use for initial view.

POPUP_ENABLED If false, hide the Open In New Browser button.

HIDE_SIDEBAR If true, do not show the sidebar.

UIFONT Name of the font to use for the FlashPaper user interface.

UIFONTSIZE Sizes to use for Normal fonts in the FlashPaper user interface.

UISMALLFONTSIZE Sizes to use for Small fonts in the FlashPaper user interface.