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Specify the edge smoothness

Specify the edge smoothness

To specify the smoothness of edges:

  • On the Effect Controls palette, choose an option from the Anti-aliasing Quality, drop-down menu.

Settings range from Off to High. Off applies no anti-aliasing; High applies the maximum amount of smoothing (Figures 11and 12).


Figure 11: Compare the edge of the transition with Anti-aliasing Quality set to Off…


Figure12: …to the same edge when the setting is High. The difference is slight in the Program view, even when see in the magnified area (circled). The effect is more apparent in the video output, however.


  • To see the border, you have to play the thumbnail preview or the actual transition. You can also set the Start slider to a higher number (such as 50) to help you adjust the border. Make sure you set the Start slider back to 0, though.

  • Border thickness and anti-aliasing can only be approximated in the thumbnail images. The program view and output monitor give an accurate representation.