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Some of the instrumentals in my audio sound flat. What can I do?

There’s no need to drag out the saxophone and re-record. Let the Pitch Correction effect in AdobeĀ® AuditionĀ® 1.5 come to your rescue. The Pitch Correction effect provides two ways to make pitch adjustments for vocals or solo instrumentation. Automatic mode analyzes the audio content and automatically corrects the pitch based on the key you define, without your having to analyze each note. Manual mode creates a pitch profile that you can adjust note-by-note. You can even over-correct vocals to create robotic-sounding effects.

The Pitch Correction effect detects the pitch of the source audio and measures the periodic cycle of the waveform to determine its pitch. The effect can be used on audio that contains a periodic signal (that is, audio with one note at a time, such as for a saxophone, violin, or vocals). Nonperiodic audio, or periodic audio with a high noise floor, can disrupt the effect’s ability to detect the incoming pitch, resulting in incomplete pitch correction.

To use the Pitch Correction effect:

  1. In Edit View, select an audio range.
  2. In the Effects tab of the Organizer window, expand Time/Pitch, and double-click Pitch Correction.
  3. Click the Automatic or Manual tab, and set the desired options.