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"Sky" Style Text

This basic tutorial will show you how to make your text look like the glass style text from the ads.

1. New document. 500px by 500px, and fill the background with black.

2. Get the text tool, and type the text you want the effect to be applied to. For the sake of example, I have used the word Sky.

*Note* The colour of the text doesn’t matter at this stage

3. This is where the tutorial gets tricky. Ok, first lower the FILL of the text to 0%, so it is effectively invisible. This is NOT the Opacity, just the Fill.

4. Apply a Drop Shadow to the text layer with the following settings:

5. To the same layer, apply an Inner Glow with the following settings:

6. And now add a Bevel And Emboss effect with these settings:

*Note* This layer adds some darker areas, and deals with the main gloss effect

7. Duplicate the text layer. Disable all the effects, and apply the following Bevel And Emboss settings:

8. Now add a contour with these settings:

*Note* This layer is purely to add definition to the edges of the lettering. It picks out some of the shine

9. Duplicate the layer once more. Now remove the contour for this new layer, and apply these settings to the Bevel And Emboss menu:

*Note* This one adds some dark sharp lines. It helps balance out the shading, and helps make the text readable on all “surfaces” as it were.

10. And here is what you should have:

*Note* This is a mere approximation of the Sky logo’s gloss effect. I know it’s not perfect, but it’s a decent enough match.

Now, what is great about this text is it is transparent. For the last step find an image you want to use as a background.

11. Insert an image under the text. I used a digital photo I took. Here is my final image:

Good luck.