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Set Up Guides in Adobe PageMaker

Try all of these Options for setting guides

There are multiple ways to create and modify margin, column, and ruler guides in Adobe PageMaker. Try all these mouse, menu, and keyboard methods.

  • Set margin guides in the Document Setup dialog box. Specify top, bottom, left, and right margins.
  • To create ruler guides, position the pointer in the horizontal or vertical ruler. Click, hold, and drag down or drag right to position the ruler guide on the page. The pointer changes to a two-way arrow until the mouse button is released.
  • To help precisely align ruler guides with ticks on the horizontal and vertical rulers, choose View > Snap to Rulers. As guides are dragged on to the page, they will snap to the nearest tick on the ruler when the mouse button is released.
  • To keep from accidently repositioning guides after you have them where you want them, choose View > Lock Guides.
  • Choose Layout > Column Guides to specify uniform columns with gutters.
  • To create different column setups for the top and bottom of a page, follow this procedure:
    1. Choose Layout > Column Guides and enter the Number Of Columns for the top of the page.
    2. Pull down a horizontal ruler guide to the point where you want the top column setup to end.
    3. Place your text in the columns of the top of the page, using the horizontal guide as the bottom of the columns.
    4. In Column Guides dialog box enter the Number Of Columns for the bottom of the page. Make sure the Adjust Layout check box is not selected.
    5. Pull down another horizontal ruler guide that represents the top position of the bottom column setup.
    6. Place new text or continue the text from the top column setup into the column setup at the bottom of the page.