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Selectively process bass frequencies

Selectively process bass frequencies.

With the Marquee Selection tool, you can easily apply frequency-specific processing—a particularly effective technique with bass frequencies. To zoom these frequencies, right-click the vertical ruler, and drag from 2,000 to 0 Hz. In the spectral display, drag across the entire file, selecting only frequencies from 300 Hz to 0 Hz. Choose Effects > Amplitude > Hard Limiting. Set Limit Max Amplitude to -.1 dB and Boost Input to 6 dB, and click OK. Press the spacebar to hear the more pronounced yet tighly focused bass in the processed file. (Dynamics processing effects such as Hard Limiting enhance bass without making it overly loud and boomy.)

We’ve barely tapped the potential of the Marquee Selection tool. In addition to performing frequency-specific audio restoration and processing, you can edit individual instruments or independently manipulate fundamentals and overtones. Explore this tool further, and you’ll continue to uncover new possibilities.