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Rollovers to go

Rollovers to go

By the experts at Adobe. © 2005 Adobe Systems Incorporated.

Design the perfect rollover image and let Adobe® GoLive® CS2 do the rest. The Detect Rollover Images feature automatically assigns images to rollover states. After you specify the file name of the Normal image, GoLive automatically searches for Over, Down, Click, Up, and Out files that use a similar naming convention. For example, if you specify a Normal image named myimage_Base.gif, GoLive looks for myimage_Over.gif. You can edit the rollover naming conventions that GoLive uses.

To use the Detect Rollover Images feature, you must place images for all rollover states (Normal, Over, Down, etc.) in the same folder. If images for some states aren’t yet complete, you can manually start the rollover detection process after adding the needed images to the folder. The Detect Rollover Images feature is on by default, but you can turn it off if you prefer to assign rollover images manually. Choose Edit > Preferences (Windows) or GoLive > Preferences (Mac OS), expand Images, and select Rollover.