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Redeye Removal I

   Redeye Removal

     How to remove redeye is one of the most frequently asked questions in the Photoshop forums. With the inclusion of the redeye brush in Elements, I had hoped the question would have been answered for this app. Unfortunately, the redeye brush doesn’t work very well.
     Here are two methods for removing red eye which take a little longer, but which do a better job than the redeye brush.
     The first method is slower, but better than the second and should always be used if any of the red or other discoloration extends beyond the pupil.
     The second method works for small red spots that are strictly limited to the darkest black part of the pupil.

For this demonstration, I’m going to use a ‘fake’ eye which was rendered from a 3D app.
original eye
I added a big red spot to simulate flash redeye.
eye with red added
Start the correction process by zooming way in so you have a good close view of the eye. Then use the elliptical marquee tool to drag a selection outline which circles the area you want to correct. Don’t worry if your selection isn’t perfect — you’ll be able to refine it later.
select red