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Racing Flash Games – Collection 1

Racing Flash Games Online


Race with a monster truck through the arenas and finish as first.

heavymetal rider

Control a heavy metal chick and race as first over the finish

Star racer

Race over different planets and reach the number one position

Turbo GLO

Complete 3 laps down the course while outracing the competition

Horsey Racing

Jump with your horse over the obstables and reach the finish line!

Race Cars Extreme Rally
[download game]

Test your driving skills on challenging race tracks!

4 Wheel Fury

Get a highscore by racing on your super fast quad!

Rescue the band

Pursue the kidnappers and resque the band.

Motocourse Rally

Race your motorbike over jumps and through rough terrain!

[download game]

Pass tricky drivers on your way to the checkered flag!

Jersey Joyride

Get the other farm animals to start a party!

Quick Park

Test your parking fitness and agility! You have only 80 seconds!

Pimp my ride 3d

Beef up your rust heap by collecting pimp coins!!


Try to beat the best racing track time’s!

4 Wheel Chase

Mate kangatoo Jack has ascaped, you need to go catch him!

Monster Jam

Destroy everything on your path with a monstertruck

Diesel and Death

Destroy your enemy or finish first to win.

Cheetah race

The truckdiver has lost his load, it is your duty to help him!


Drive around HotWheels city in a race against time to rescue your car!

Double Shotz

Three events at top speed!