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Pure Photoshop 3D Render

Pure Photoshop 3D Render

Author Name: TDW

Create a new document and cut/paste your favourite photo into the canvas:

2. Duplicate the layer, add a filter>blur>gausian blur: somewhere between 1-3. and then set the layer mode to overlay, and then press Ctrl+e

3. Now duplicate this layer, add a filter>distort>shear:

4. Press ctrl+shift+u to make it greyscale, and then set the layer mode to softlight.

5. Take this time to erase any parts that you can identify. if in the distortion and when its layer mode is set to softlight you can see the hair or any real recognizable features, you should erase them. Same goes for any hard edges (straight lines)

6. Repeat steps 3-5 experimenting on step 5 to rotate and transform your “render”

7. You should come up with something like this, which did not involve ANY renders.