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Presenting Video with the Flash Video Component in Dreamweaver 8

Presenting Video with the Flash Video Component in Dreamweaver 8

The Macromedia Flash Video component in Dreamweaver 8 helps you easily insert and display Flash Video (FLV) files in your websites. It’s great for Dreamweaver users who are not familiar with Flash, because you can insert FLV files into your web pages without using the Flash authoring tool. The Flash Video component enables you to select from several different playback controllers that visitors use to control the FLV file on your web page. You can choose also between two different options for delivering your video: progressive download or streaming.

The Flash Video component uses a wizard interface that enables you to choose display and delivery options and preview the skin before you insert it on a web page. Despite the automated way the code inserts onto a web page, you have a lot of control over the end result. Using the Flash Video component isn’t the only way to display FLV files on the web, but it’s fast and easy.

Customizing Video Controllers

To find out how to customize playback controllers using Flash, check out the companion piece to the article, Creating Custom Video Controller Skins for the Flash Video Component in Dreamweaver 8.


To make the most of this tutorial, you need to install the following software and files:

Dreamweaver 8

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Prerequisite Knowledge

A basic understanding of editing website templates in Dreamweaver 8.