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Prepare text in your InDesign document.

Prepare text in your InDesign document.

Before you package your InDesign document, there are a few things you can do to ensure that text comes across as you want it to in GoLive. The first is to make sure text in InDesign is formatted using character and paragraph styles. When you move from InDesign to GoLive, these styles are converted automatically to CSS (cascading style sheets), which you can edit in GoLive’s CSS Editor as needed. Text that has been manually formatted (without styles) appears as unformatted text in GoLive.

The second is to consider how text frames are threaded in InDesign. When you package the document for GoLive, InDesign will save threaded text frames in a single story, so make sure that text in your InDesign document is broken into chunks that you can reuse as components in GoLive. For the Feature Workshop spread, we made sure the introductory text frames were threaded together, so we could work with the introduction as a single story in GoLive. Since we wanted to work with the events schedule separately, we made sure the introduction was not threaded to the timetable at the bottom of the spread.