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Premiere Pro 2.0 Features – Integration with high-end workflows

Integration with high-end workflows

Feet + Frames timecode

Display timecode for 16mm and 35mm film as standard Feet + Frames nomenclature.

Support for 4,096×4,096 frames

Import, edit, and output 4K image sequences with dimensions up to 4,096×4,096 pixels.

16:9 preview to 4:3

Preview widescreen footage on a 4:3 monitor or lay off to a 4:3 tape or DVD with real-time letterboxing. Ensure that your 16:9 material looks right during playback.

Digital intermediate workflow

Capture and edit HD or up to 4K scanned files, consolidate and manage projects, and work efficiently with Adobe After Effects® and Photoshop® software.