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Premiere Pro 2.0 Features – Choose your final output

Choose your final output

DVD authoring from the timeline

Create high-quality, menu-driven DVDs directly from the Adobe Premiere Pro timeline. Make full-resolution, interactive DVDs for digital dailies, test discs, or final delivery.

Macromedia Flash Video export

Streamline the process of encoding video and audio for your Macromedia® Flash® projects with built-in support for Flash Video export.

Web video delivery

Make your project web ready. Use comprehensive compression tools for Internet-friendly file formats including Flash Video, Real, Windows Media, and QuickTime.

Standard video format export

Output to major tape formats including standard and high definition, NTSC and PAL, interlaced and progressive, DV, Digital Betacam, HDV, HDCAM, DVCPRO HD, and D5 HD (some formats may require additional hardware).

Digital cinema export

Create a stunning theatrical experience. Export your digital cinema project as a Windows Media 9 Series file with 720p or 1,080p resolution and 5.1 surround sound.

Output uncompressed HD

Lay off to tape. Deliver on DV, SD, HDV, and compressed or uncompressed HD, as well as HD-SDI VTRs and other devices.