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PostScript Drivers

PostScript Drivers

  • AdobePS 4.5.3 (Win9x/ME): Reference frames may not be not represented correctly in PS/PDF output
  • AdobePS/PScript 5.2 (Win2K/XP): Characters in logo/icon PostScript Type 1 fonts (which do not have the entire character set) are not carried over to PS/PDF (displayed as white space).
    Workarounds: (1) Convert the custom font to TrueType, install it and use it instead of the Type 1 version; (2) Ask the font designer/foundry to add characters to the font so that is looks as a “complete” font; (3) Generate the PostScript output on Win98 or NT
  • Troubleshooting PostScript Errors (ATN 328515)
  • PostScript Error Types and Offending Commands
  • Troubleshooting Printing Problems in FrameMaker for Windows (ATN 324396)
  • FrameMaker/Win outputs its graphic objects to PostScript, split into multiple segments.