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Playing With Styles – Part 5

     Now, let’s try something a little more complicated. We’ll combine some of the Glass Button styles with the Complex styles.
     The Glass Button styles proved very dominant, i.e. if applied last, they did not allow other styles to show through, so I always applied the Glass Button style first, and followed it with a Complex style. Shown below is the Green Glass Button style with the (Complex) Waves style.

green glass button with waves

If you go looking for good style combinations as I did, you’ll find it very exasperating to have to start over each time you try a combination.
     You have to pick the Glass Buttons list from the menu, go there, add the Glass Button color you want, pick the Complex styles from the menu, go there, and try one of those styles. If you don’t like it, it’s clear the style, and back to the menu to pick the Buttons styles again.
     Another thing that will drive you nuts is the fact that you have no way of knowing what style you’ve applied unless you have a perfect memory, or write everything down. I didn’t, and ended up repeatedly trying unsuccessful combinations, and having to circle back to try again.
     Below, you see the Plum Glass Button style combined with the Toy style from the Complex group. If you remember, I’ve shown you the Toy style once already. When applied after another style, it will give you this nice colorful edge effect. When applied first, it covers your whole object with that loud multi colored pattern