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Playing With Styles – Part 3

Clear the last style, by clicking on the Default Style button, and try the Molten Gold style followed by the Brushed Metal style. Again, you have to apply them in that order. If you do it in reverse, the results will be completely different. This is often, but not always, the case. The result is shown below.

molten gold followed by brushed metal

Clear that style by clicking the Default Style button, and then apply the Sunset Sky style with the Negative style. It doesn’t matter which is first, in this case.
     Some of the styles, like Negative, and Sepia are especially good for experimenting with. They have a simple, color-changing effect that can be combined easily with other styles.
     If you experiment, as I have, you’ll find that there are other styles that don’t want to combine with anything. They will always be dominant, and show little effect when other styles are added to them.
     The Molten Gold style used above, is one such. The example I give is about the only combination I found that showed much change from the base Molten Gold style which I find to be rather tacky.