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Playing the Movie as an EXE

Playing the Movie as an EXE

You can export your RoboDemo movie as an EXE file. To play the RoboDemo movie as a standalone Flash projector (EXE) file in a topic, you can do the following:

  1. Copy and paste the EXE file into your RoboHelp HTML project folder.
  2. Create the link text or image that the user must click to play the movie.
  3. Click the Insert Hyperlink button on the RoboHelp HTML toolbar to bring up the Hyperlink dialog box, click the Link to button, specify File, and then browse to the target EXE file.
  4. Due to security restrictions in HTML Help, you will have trouble with the actual link unless you either include the EXE file in the Baggage Files folder (which I have done here) or use an absolute path to the EXE file in the HREF part of the A tag’s code. If the EXE file is not too large, then it probably won’t hurt to include it in the Baggage Files folder. However, if you want to specify an absolute path to the EXE file, you must be absolutely confident that your user will not tinker with the path assignments you make in the installer file for your CHM file.
  5. Due to another security restriction in HTML Help, your user will see the well-known “open or save” dialog box when clicking the link. Include some text in your topic that informs users about that fact, and lets them know that they should just select Open if they want to see the movie (EXE) file play directly from inside the CHM file.
  6. Update the TOC if you created a new topic.