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Play Card Games – Colection 1

Play Card Flash Games Online

Poker Superstars 2

Face off against poker’s top players in No-Limit Hold Em action!

Poker Multiplayer

Texas Hold’em Poker

Aloha Solitaire

Match face-up cards by card value.

Dream Vacation
[download game]

Play your way around the world, exploring five vacation destinations!

Tri-Peaks Solitaire
[download game]

Journey around the globe in this exciting adventure-themed card game!


Clear the pyramid layup before you run out of time.

Spider soli

Reorder cards in table so as to build them down the ranks!

Golf Solitaire

Try to clear the table as quickly as possible by removing cards.

Panic Solitaire

Play your cards right, going higher or lower to clear the deck!


Solitaire with an Egyptian twist, select cards that add up to 13 to win!

2 of a Kind Classic

Move all the cards to the foundation. Repeatedly combine two free cards.


Popular casino game, now without the House edge. Can you get to 21?


Clear the pyramids as quickly as possible by removing the cards.

Egyptian Pyramid

Move the cards from the pyramid to the foundations in ascending order.

Three card poker

A new twist on Poker, use your skills to beat other players, not the dealer!


Remove all the cards in the pyramids as quickly as possible.

Aloha Tripeaks

Click a card to move it, building up or down in numerical order.

House of Cards

Building a house of cards with the highest possible value.

mario poker

Select which cards to keep and win big money!