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Play Action Games – Colection 6

Play Action Flash Games Online

Girl Space

Your little brother has stolen your journal, find him before he opens it!

kogent knight

The princess is kidnapped! You must try to save her!

Sanity tension

Help smacky fight his overlay neighbours before drives him crazy!


You must shoot all the planes out of the sky!

desert ambush

As a soldier you’re walking trough the desert and must fight to the skeletons!


Flight over the planet starfish and try to survive!


Here you are, captured in a dark castle! you must try to find the way out!

virtual police

Terrorist has taken over the bank, stop them immediately!


Fight against the computer or in multiplayer mode against each other!

Snow Blaster

Try to shoot everything and find the exit on time!

Super Soldier

Convert all enemy flags and head back

Tanks 2

Play tanks with two players or play against yourself!

Street Fighter 2

Fight against several enemies in this cool game, street fighter 2!


Throw ninja stars and try to survive in the field!


Throw the ball, if the dog brings the ball back you get more points!

Alienation 2

It’s war and you must try to survive!

Turtle Brawl

The turtles are back! Help them fighting against the ninja’s!


Try to rescue amy rose in 60 seconds!


Become a real soldier and try to survive in this nice shooter!


Perfect online version of the game streetfighter!