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Play Action Games – Colection 3

Play Action Flash Games Online

Sky Fire

Third Reich has cloned thousands zombies, its your job to stop them!

zombie storm

Kill all zombies and protect all civilians to beat each level!

Heavymetal girl

Defeat your enemies by playing as loud as possible!

Wild pistols

A cool and classic shooter game. As western cowboy you are stuck in a gunfight!

desert hunter

Shoot the mean aegels in the desert, before they eat you alive!

Ninja nightmare

Fight with all the ninja’s before the time runs out!


Fly over the mountains and shoot the enemies!

Fruit fighters

Choose an Xtreme Fruit Fighter and try to win 2 out of 3 fights!

SpongeB bustup

The bikini bottom ka-ra-te championships have begun! May the true champion win!

Castle Defender

Defend the old castle of king Arthur against intruders.

Zelda Invaders

Shoot the little guys in the field, look out they dont get you!


Hit the big boss with some big snowballs!

Clash N Slash

Protect your world by shooting at the alien spaceships that try to invade.

Jetix soccer 3d

Real nice soccer game! Aim, shoot and fire the ball in the goal!


The object of this game is to set off the fireworks by clicking on them!

Heavy Weapon

Defeat the enemy!

Dragon battle

Save the villagers and destroy the worms!

arcane castle

The castle is under attack! Get to the library and protect the castle!

Skeet Shooting

Don’t let the discs fly away, just aim and fire!

Night strike

Protect the base against the enemies and there major boms!