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Play Action Games – Colection 2

Play Action Flash Games Online


Your goal is to joining the yanta special forces!

cyber uf2

Cyber uf2 is the ultimate shooter! Select the player and choose the right gun!

Beetle Bomp

Throw brightly-colored insects at each other to make sets of three or more.

spug shock

Use your magic stick to clear all the cookies that Spug through in your way!


Save the people from rockcity and destroy all the flies!

indian outlaw

Race like a real indian and shoot all enemies out off the sky!

Robo Slug

Melt metal with the flame-thrower and plasma gun, throw grenades in this game!

Virtual police 2

Some terrorist has taken over the city airport, try to save the civilians!

Final Fortress

Play 10 levels in two diferent phases.Defend the city against all enemy attacks!

Clash N Slash 2

Defend your planet against an alien invasion!

Croco Snack

Eat all the falling garbage and try to set a new record!

mario gunman

Browser and his army almost destroyed your bank, try to stop them!

chicken attack

Defend the mansion from the infected chickens!!

ninja storm

Your task is to destory the evil lordschip of jin Gin!

buster shaw

Shoot buster before he shoots you!

crazy shooter

Shoot the creatures just at the red point!

panda wars

It’s war in the world of robot panda’s, try to save the real panda’s!

Pacific Heroes 2
[download game]

Brace yourself for relentless action in WWII’s most important battle!

Super Biology

You’re the ultimate vaccine! But you must get stronger and eat many baddies!

Chicken Invaders 2

Save the world from coo-coo chickens taking revenge on humans!